Friday, 19 July 2013

Rest Well Little Princess

Two weeks ago we lost our Ginny to acute kidney failure.  We still don't know why, cats have notoriously fragile kidneys and any number of things could have done it; having ruled out toxins like anti-freeze and Easter Lilies it was likely something in her make-up that we didn't know about.  The vet and all our more experienced cat owning friends insist that we couldn't have done any better for her, cats often do not let on they need help until it is too late.  I told the vet tech she should work on a "check engine" light for cats.  Himself is especially missing her as she was often his companion when he worked at home.  When he started working at home more often she would miss him on days he wasn't at home and complain she had been stood up for her lunch date.

Ginny was one of the helpy helpers, wanting to be in the middle of anything that was going on.  She was also a nurse cat whenever someone was ill.  If one of us was stuck in bed she stayed with us until we were better, snuggling, purring, patting our faces to check our temperatures, administering "catupuncture" and generally trying to be comforting.  She loved potato chips and popcorn and could hear the crunch a mile away.  She was podgy but could she ever run if need be.  She was assertive and didn't let the boys push her around, especially her brother, Hobbes, who would try to wrestle her.  He usually lost.  He seems to be missing her, too.

My friend Jan had given us a gooseberry bush that had outgrown her yard a few weeks before.  It seemed a fitting marker, no one will disturb her rest while she is protected by a bush with 1/2" thorns.  I will make "Ginny Jam" when the berries are ripe.

"Her Highness Princess Ginger Touloulah, The Pear Shaped" (Ginny) June 10, 2010 - June 26, 2013