Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Commander

Thing Tall had a rough winter.  The doctor finally realized that his iron was seriously low and responsible for most of his symptoms.  Thankfully, she did so in time for him to land a seriously cool summer co-op placement at Jenda Paddlesports in Osgoode.  One of his favourite subjects was Outdoor Ed. so working with kayaks and canoes was right up his alley.  The owners are lovely and have since given him a job there.  Well, he couldn't work there without a boat of his own, so one day we came home with one.  He got a 14' Commander - sort of a hybrid canoe/kayak, open like a canoe but set up to paddle as a kayak. Thing Tall does not fit well in most kayaks, his legs are too long and so are his feet.  One test paddle session I watched him get stuck getting out of a boat.  He landed sitting in a foot of water.  Funny, but uncomfortable...  Thus the Commander.  We took it to the cottage for the long weekend.

Kid who is usually cautious and careful is pretty relaxed in boats and on the water:

He came into the beach to try to get Rags to join him.  Standard Poodles are supposed to be water retrievers but Rags thinks the water can stay right where it is.  She lasted about 6" and hopped out.

I tried it the next day but it was really windy and choppy and Thing Tall was backseat paddling so I didn't get far.  We'll go out again when it's calmer.

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