Friday, 20 July 2012

A Day at the Beach

Thing Small and her friends wanted to go to Mooney's Bay on Monday.  Their plan was to have someone drop them off for the day.  All 6 parental units rather disagreed with this plan given that the girls are only 13, so instead I agreed to spend the day supervising them.

It's a tough life, but sometimes mothers have to make sacrifices :-)

That's my Hitchhiker wheel.  I'm spinning Fractal Roving in "Midnight Periwinkle".  On my chair arms are two new colourways I tried last weekend.  "Rubies" - which was a test for some yarn my friend Sonja wants me to dye for her to make a Swirl Jacket (Rubies and Ribbons from Knit Swirl by Sandra McIver) and "Monet" which is pale grey greens with purples and just a little rust.

Sonja and her 5 year old came a bit later.  She liked the colours.  And her son loved being in the water with the girls.

I got a whole bobbin spun, then realized I had only brought one bobbin.  So I got a good bit of knitting in, too.

I also attracted two sets of onlookers curious enough to actually come ask what I was doing.  

It was so nice, and other friends so wanted to join us that we will do it again soon.

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