Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Back to Blogging

A few years ago a friend set me up with a blog.  I used it for a while and then we had a domain name issue and I gave up.  It's time to start again.  The old blog began like this:

My name is Elizabeth and I am a fibre pusher.  Also an unrepentant fibre addict.  I knit, spin, dye, weave and generally make mischief with fibres.  I teach all these things at the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild.  I'm also a wife, mother of 2, an SLP (Speech/Language Pathologist), a choir member, a bread baker and a whole lot of other things you'll no doubt hear about along the way.  

This will be the same.  Lots has happened since the old blog.  I finished my In-Depth study and became an Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Master Spinner.  Himself and I started a new business - The Manotick Village Butcher .  The Things (Tall and Small) have grown, a lot in Thing Tall's case (6'4) a little less in Thing Small's (5'1 but she isn't bitter yet, just hopeful she hasn't quite stopped growing).  I've made new fibre friends and kept old ones.  This summer I am rebooting the Hilltop Fibreworker on etsy and at a few LYS's.  There will be lots of Fractal Roving this summer and lots to say about the challenges of dyes and colourways.  And there are now two more feline supervisors of the Fibre Room - totalling 1 canine and 4 felines supervising all aspects of production - who add to the challenge and the joy.  Welcome to my Fibre and Family rooms, come in and make yourselves comfortable while you watch me muddle through a life with fibre.

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  1. Great restart. Etsy is on my list of things to do. Just can't seem to find the right motivation.