Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dyes should be WYSIWYG

Those my age and older (I am old enough that I learned to type on a manual typewriter and the first computer I actually used was a Commodore Pet) will remember our delight when word processors became WYSIWYG (pronounced "wussywig"and standing for "what you see is what you get".  Before that time Word Star and other word processors couldn't show you on the screen that you had used bold or underline or italics or changed the font size, you had to trust that the codes you added would do their thing. 

Sometimes acid dyes are not WYSIWYG.  This results in some interesting guesswork when one is trying to replicate a colour.  Case in point "Antique".  Here is one from the original set I made more than a year ago:
I had notes and formulas, but I couldn't remember which one I used for this particular one.  So I tried the one I thought it was.  Didn't look at all like that on the dye table nor did it look the way it turned out:
Really pretty, a keeper even, but "not the mama!"  I'm calling this one "Old Country" because Chriss says it looks like her china pattern "Old Country Roses"

Tried again.  This one looked even stranger on the table.  Imagine blue greens.
 Even prettier!  A definite keeper.  Still "Not the Mama!"  It's called China Rose because I'm sure there was a china teacup in my Nana's collection with just those colours.

One more time, this time I found my old pencil notes.  And I started.  And shook my head looking at it on the dye table.  Look at the colour in the dish.  Does that say "rust or maroon" to you?  You can see from the part that's already got dye on it that the colour changes as it interacts with the fibre.  It's starting to look sort of purple and green:

Believe it or not, after heat setting what looked purple and green came out really close to the original. Which my new camera then stubbornly refused to photograph accurately, despite Himself's best photoshopping efforts.  Will need to wait for Himself to pull out the big guns and rephotograph it before I can put it up on Etsy.

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